What evolves from the heart is always pure and honest:

I still wear the first three pieces of jewelry I ever engraved. My first piece, a bracelet, is inscribed with the words “You Got This!” The second, a ring, was created with the Hebrew phrase “״ה׳ עמדי- “G-d is with me, ” and the third is a bar necklace engraved with "I carry your ♡", with my children's initials on the back. The inspired combination of self-motivation, G-d’s comforting hand, and my children's expectant, trusting faces, were the recipe for getting through a very difficult time. 

My goal, through The Honest Jeweler, is not only to sell pretty things that give joy.

I want the wearer to feel the same way I did when I clasped my very first piece to my wrist. Empowered, loved, and beautiful. 

How it all began…

My life as a teacher and mom was always what I dreamed about since I was old enough to imagine my future. I love the give and take of a classroom setting and the creativity it motivates. I was a teacher for over 15 years when I found I would need a new path. 

While I was juggling the many responsibilities for the young people in my life, I was struck with uncharacteristic exhaustion over a few weeks and scheduled a doctor's visit. The diagnosis of Lyme disease completely overhauled my life, as even the simplest tasks seemed impossible to take on. Taking a hiatus from teaching to take care of myself was a difficult decision, but I had no choice. While I tried to get my strength back, the nagging feeling of uselessness plagued me. For many months I just didn't feel like myself. I was devastated- not just physically, but emotionally as well. 

One day I was browsing online and came across, of all things, a metal engraving machine. On a whim, I purchased it, imagining being able to sit and create pretty and meaningful pieces for myself and my girls. Something to make me feel good again.

I began to imagine new ideas that developed into what is today The Honest Jeweler. Every piece is crafted with vigilant attention to detail. I take gifting to an art form that's completely personal. Because, for me, it truly is. 


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