Handwriting Jewelry

Whether your own signature, or a word from an old love letter, you can use any unique handwriting or font to create a custom engraved piece.

Step 1: Choose the Handwriting for your piece

Choose a special handwritten memory you’d like to be reminded of each and every day.

Need help deciding what to add to your handwriting piece? Here are some of our favorite handwritten memories that customers have used in the past for their own custom pieces:

“I love you” from a child or lover
A word pulled from a love letter
A child’s name in their handwriting
Your signature 
Grandmother’s signature from an old ID or passport
Favorite word or mantra in your own handwriting
New last name in husband’s handwriting
Favorite vacation destination in custom handwriting
A birthdate or graduation year in your handwriting or a favorite font

    Step 2: Choose your jewelry

    Choose a style from our collections to be customized.


    Step 3: Capture and email a photo of the custom handwriting or font

    Write the word, name or message that you’d like to have engraved on your jewelry. Take a clear photo of the message and email it to orders@thehonestjewelershop.com with the subject line "handwritten photo for order# {input your order number}"

    Still need help creating your handwriting jewelry or deciding on a handwritten memory to capture? Email us at orders@thehonestjewelershop.com